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Hive Rise
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 In the year 2023, a time of peace and prosperity has arrived; but in demand for some form of senseless violence, a desert wasteland has been turned into a war-zone for enthusiasts: pitting bored millionaires against the likes of weekend mechanics and retired generals in an all-out, made-for-TV war.


Flag being contested.
Players are given a small hexagonal base in a grid of similar bases and a modest setup time in which to place essential buildings and start researching the. All bases have a location for an Ore Miner and an Oil Pump which are used to collect resources, and three entry points that open once the battle's ten minute timer begins. 
At the very center of each base is a flag which the player must control to be able to build both buildings and units. All of the game's units can be used to start the process; and as in such games as , units specialize in attacking either soldiers, tanks or aircraft: care must be taken to both attack and defend with the appropriate troops.
The base and unit's owner are communicated to players by using one of four different colors:
  • Green

    Green indicates it belongs to you.
  • Red

    Anything red is bad; go capture/kill it!
  • Yellow

    Bases with yellow flags and walls indicate the base is neutral and can be captured.
  • Blue Flag

    The blue flag indicates an ally.
When a base is being contested, the flag's color will temporarily become muted until the base is captured or the attack is thwarted.
As time runs out, the player's flag will lower, until finally the games ends. If the player can hold at least one base, it is counted as a win. The player will then receive Highscore Points and Coins based on numerous factors including how many units or buildings were made and/or destroyed.
While the game is strictly on-line only, Vulcando have included opponents to fill out numerous bases so the player is never left without an opponent.

Game Modes

There are 12 game modes in all, although readily admits that that the Tutorial mode is used to make the total higher.
Initially, there are only two modes available: Tutorial and Hive Master. As the player earns Highscore Points through playing the Hive Master mode, new modes of play will be unlocked.
Game Mode
Points to Unlock


This mode demonstrates the very basic elements of the game but features no multiplayer interaction.

Hive Master

All tech-trees are available: there are no limits on what unit types players can produce. N/A

Tank Driver

The player can produce only buildings and units related to the tank tech tree.  100,000


Only airborne units and the buildings associated with them can be produced in this mode.

Elite Soldier

The player can only produce the three soldier unit types.


The player must use their forces to take and hold 4 bases as quickly as possible.


 The aim of this mode is solely to get a good .


 The player must destroy as many enemy units as possible.





Last Man Standing


Team Match


Hive Rise League

 In addition to the regular game modes, Hive Rise features a league table that any registered player can enter and compete in.

Buildings and Units

Because of the emphasis on short, frantic battles, the units and buildings that can be produced are limited in both variety and quantity. The game permits a player to produce up to only 45 troops in total (this number can be pushed to 50 with the 'Giant Army' Upgrade). Buildings are included in the count. 



Trophies and Stickers

Hive Rise implements awards, here called trophies, which are then displayed on the player's public profile, which in turn is accessible by others. These trophies are awarded for the degree of success in meeting the criteria of the selected game mode
A sticker is also given to players when certain criteria are met, in a similar fasion to 's s, which can subsequently be arranged in the player's Locker, which also houses the trophies.


While Hive Rise uses a Free-to-Play model, requiring no registration, the game uses a coin system with which players can unlock the game's various Upgrades. The player can opt either to buy coins for a small fee $2-$5 or earn a small amount while playing, with the former being the quickest way to accumulate in-game currency--this is Vulcando Games' sole mean of supporting the game's development.