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End of Nations
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The game started out as MMORTS developed by Petroglyph and to be published by Trion Worlds. Development of the game was moved in house by Trion Worlds in late 2012 and the status of the project was kept quiet until July 2013 where it was announced that End of Nations is now a free to play tactical MOBA. That status lasted nearly a year when the game was announced to be on hold and was removed from Trion Worlds' website.


  • Customizable heroes and support units
  • Varied commander classes featuring unique tactics and abilities
  • New leveling system
  • Dramatically improved menu system and overhauled UI

Previous Iteration

End of Nations follows is an MMORTS, that is, a Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game, a rarity in the game industry. It follows the player character as a rebel army against the all controlling Order of Nations. The game promises massive battles of 50 people at once, and PvP and PvE combat.


End of Nations follows a world in which all the governments have collapsed due to economic decline, and the world became a no-man's land of raiding and pillaging, without laws and where people kill to get even the basic necesities. However, out of all this, a new power rises, the Order of Nations. They provide food, water, order, and the basic necessities of civilization, and the people become loyal. However, as time went on, and the Alliance of Nations claimed dominence over the entire globe, they established a totalarien regime aimed at keeping complete control over every area of the world. A group of people have begun to rebel, however, and that is who the player character is, a rebel commander that has mustered up his own army and will need to team up with fellow commanders and take down the Order of Nations.


Gameplay follows the player character controlling a headquarters that can't be attacked by anyone. It serves as a home base where the player can manufacture/buy units and manage his army for future conflicts. The game takes place on a constantly changing world map where there are zones of conflict a player can join and fight in. There is both PvP combat with commanders fighting each other and PvE combat where commanders are fighting the AI controlled Order of Nations.

There are different commander classes to choose from, similar to other RPG's, however they are unknown at this point.

Units will be manufactured using raw materials found during a fight. When deploying units, a Commander must take into account the battlefields set number of unit points which act like a pop cap seen in most RTS's, this is to focus the game on core strategy and so that battlefields don't get too cluttered and laggy, such as a fight with 50 people with unlimited units would do.