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Company of Heroes Online
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Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes


Company of Heroes Online was to be a real-time strategy game, built on the groundwork of the original . New features were also planned, many of them derived from Relic's other RTS franchise , such as the Commander unit, , and army items.


The game entered closed beta phase on July 21, 2010. According to the official website, a second wave of 20,000 keys was released to FilePlanet subscribers and registrees on July 26. On September 3rd the game enter the open beta phase, allowing players to create an account and take part in testing the game out. There will be no further wipes, allowing players to purchase COHO cash from October 13th.

Game Features:

  • Free-to-Play - The game will be free, unless you want to use microtransactions to get a head start.
  • Command - Bolster your army and battle opponents in an intense up to 8-player matches.
  • Specialize - Choose and specialize in one of six different divisions, each with their own combat style and Commander Abilities.
  • Customize - Customize your battles with your own choice of Hero units, Army Items, and Commander Abilities.
  • Progress - With every Victory, you'll unlock new upgrades and abilities to customize your army even further, or conveniently purchase these items to get them faster.


Company of Heroes Online was canceled on February 2nd 2011 during a THQ earnings call. The following statement was released alongside of the announcement:

...[THQ] reevaluated its strategy of adapting certain Western content for free-to-play online games in Asian markets...