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Automakhan is a 3D multiplayer RTS browser game developed by the interactive music and game studio, Your Infamous LLC. It is inspired by other iconic games, such as Warcraft 3 and Magic the Gathering, and is currently free-to-play. Players can play matches against other human players and/or against AI race bots.


The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy's crystal. The map is set up with one crystal on each side which allows for up to 3v3 players. Each side picks an AI race while each player picks a hero. The available AI races are Elven Guild, Lizardmen Tribe, and Undead Horde. Every AI race consists of a set of buildings and AI units unique to the race. There are seven available heroes: Assault Mech, Ranger, Komodo, Meteorologist, Cyber Samurai, Engineer, and Chameleon. Every hero comes equipped with a specialized abilities in which the player can invest XP points and utilize throughout the match.

Build Phase

For the first two minutes of every game, there is a truce between opponents, during which players use their heroes to build up their bases around their crystal. Each team starts out with 13 blueprint gems. Buildings costs one or two blueprints gems to build. Most buildings also require specific colored resource gems (red, green, or black), which are supplied by existing resource buildings. Resource buildings produce worker AI units that collect resources, and as such, do not cost resource gems. Towers do not require resource gems, as they do not produce AI units.

Once buildings are complete, specific AI units are produced from each building. All non-worker, non-scouting AI units will set out to attack the enemy team at the turn of the two minute mark, signifying the end of the peace time and the beginning of the battle.

Battle Phase

Starting at the two minute mark, heroes and AI units can and will attack enemy buildings and AI units until a crystal has been destroyed, ending the match. Each AI unit has specific active or passive skills, and/or modifiers that are automatically used against the opposing team. Every time an AI unit dies, it is reproduced by it's parent building, as long as that building has not been completely demolished. When a building is demolished, the AI units can no longer be reproduced and the blueprint gems used to build that building will drop on the ground and be available for any hero to pick up and use for their own base. Once a team has lost enough blueprint gems, by way of theft, it becomes harder to upkeep a strong enough army to protect the crystal.


Considered the biggest wildcard in the game, heroes are used to carry a team to victory and ward off strong waves of attacks. Each heroes unique abilities are triggered with QWERTY hotkeys and can be an instance with a cool down or a toggle skill. Combining multiple abilities can have a devastating affect on an unsuspecting enemy. As XP points are invested, abilities get stronger and more effective.