A Story of the End: Revere (0)

A Story of the End: Revere
Mac PC
Strashiner Studios


A Story of the End - Revere is a story-rich roleplaying game that revolves around a tale of redemption and justice. Play as Troy, a traitor to his own people, who sets off on a quest to fight for what he believes is right. Meet interesting characters, progress through quests, and carry out hybrid combat as you venture through the world of A Story of the End - Revere.


A Story of the End - Revere tells the story of Troy, a once-proud foot soldier serving the feared Lumerian Empire. Foot soldiers are charged with purging settlements and villages that show signs of rebelling against the Lumerian way of life. During a purging duty gone wrong at a local town, Troy realizes the unjust doings of his empire. Seeing the terror and destruction that Lumerians cause, he abandons his post and flees.

Wounded and barely alive, Troy is saved by the very people his own kind fought against. He starts seeing the world in a different light. He decides to fight for what he believes is right and sets off on a quest to end his own empire's reign of terror, and ultimately, redeem himself.


  • Battle System with Hybrid Combat: use both a real-time and turn-based combat system
  • Adjustable Encounter Rates: allows for the player to adjust the encounter rate of common battles. This can be turned up so that they will encounter an enemy at every step, or turned down to avoid enemies entirely
  • A Crafting System: gives the player the ability to make potions to enhance party members or upgrade weapons
  • Many Story-Driven Quests: each quest helps you learn and unravel the world around you