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8-Bit Hordes
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Petroglyph Games Inc.
Petroglyph Games Inc.
8-Bit Armies
8-Bit Armies


Modeled after the original , 8-Bit Hordes features a simple sidebar interface for base and unit construction and a linear tech tree. The game was released on August 12th 2016 and features cross-platform multiplayer between GOG Galaxy and Steam as well as a skirmish mode and single player and co-op campaigns. It is also full cross playable with its predecessor "8-Bit Armies" which has been released in April 2016.

The single player campaign consists of two stories (one for each faction), with one main objective and two optional objectives per mission (the optional objectives are only available for normal and hard difficulties), which updates the player's starting loadout for both the next mission and when older missions are replayed. Main objectives unlock new structures and units available for construction, whereas optional objectives affect what the player will start with, which can be additional funds, units or base defenses.


The game has been developed as a DLC for 8-Bit Armies, but soon the developers decided to make it a standalone game, although it is full crossplayable with 8-Bit Armies, so players can fight the Guardians and Renegades from 8-Bit Armies with Lightbringers and Deathsworn from 8-Bit Hordes.