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Novelist Simulator
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Stand Off Software


Novelist Simulator is a simulation strategy game released by in 2017. The game features a stylized art style with relatively static screens.


The player takes on the role of a writer who has been fronted the money for a follow up novel to his first, which enjoyed some very mild success. The novelist has only 60 days in which to finish the novel while dealing with everything else that one has to deal with in life.


The game consists of managing character stats which are represented by progress bars. Performing actions such as eating or sleeping has effects on these stats (such as decreasing hunger or increasing energy). The player must remain happy in order to be productive in writing the novel. The more happy he is, the more progress he makes when he writes. However, the game also features a happiness equilibrium. Besides just being affected by various stats, happiness will always try to equalize itself with it's normal state. Its normal state is the average amount of happiness the character has. Therefore staying happy a lot makes it very easy to remain happy, but if the character spends a lot of time unhappy, it becomes very difficult or maybe even impossible to become happy again because the equilibrium has dropped so low.