League of Legends Gameplay

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League of Legends is a f2p MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) developed by Riot Games. It is one of the most popular PC games ever. The players in the game take on a role of a summoner, which controls a champion and together with his team battle enemy team. The goal of winning is destroying the enemy's nexus.  Everyone in the team has their role and shine in different ways and stages of the game. The match usually takes from around 15 to 60 minutes. Players throughout the game gain gold and experience for killing minions, enemies and structures. Gold is spent on items to make your champion stronger, while levels grant your character additional stats and unlocks or empowers your abilities. The game has one of the biggest esports scenes in all of gaming. To see action from this action filled MOBA with cartoonish art style you can watch gameplay video below, where the player is playing loose canon type of character Jinx, that wreaks Havoc in the battlefield.

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