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Mini Guns is a mobile free-to-play multiplayer strategy game developed by Riposte Games & Co. and released on July 5, 2017.

Mini Guns features head-to-head combat as two players represent opposing factions on the battlefield. Players use a variety of autonomous units as they try to outmaneuver (and outsmart) their opponent and ultimately destroy their base. A large portion of strategy comes from making favorable unit trades and unit distractions, which they do with their unique set of upgradable units for each faction.

Two factions exist in the game currently: the Republic, blue freedom fighter who excel at diverse answers, and the Dominion, the red corporation who excel at large firepower. Each faction has 47 unique units over several unit types including infantry, vehicle, tanks, and air.

Players must make a unique army of 9 Minis for each faction as normal pairing is random. Units cost AP (which gradually accumulates over time) and each round only starts with 3 Minis available to play, with the rest slowly unlocking as the game timer progresses.

Minis are unlocked by opening chests with coins that are granted through play. Players may use excess copies of Minis to upgrade their copies, increasing vital stats like health and damage Due to its freemium nature, the game allows players to purchase Coins as a microtransaction to unlock chests more rapidly.

Like most PvP games, Mini Guns features a guild system called Alliances that allow players to team up in groups as big as 50 to trade cards and earn coins faster.


Matches are played 1v1 or 2v2, with players always on opposing factions. Each match lasts up to three minutes, until one player destroys the other player's base. If the timer ends and a base hasn't been destroyed, OT is started. The field is wiped, AP generation is doubled, base health is reset to 50%, and each base is given a debuff that slowly ticks down its health. If both bases are destroyed simultaneously, the match is declared a tie.

At the start of each match, both players are only able to play the first three Minis from their army, with the additional six unlocking one-at-a-time in 15 second intervals.