Joint Task Force (0)

Joint Task Force
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Most Wanted Entertainment Ltd.
HD Interactive Sierra


The terrorist attack on the US in September 11, 2001 heightened the risk to global prosperity, as more and more resources were diverted towards military spending and anti-terrorism. Throughout history there have always been powers that benefit from an unstable world. Certain organizations, companies and corrupted men depend on suffering, pain and fear. This and has always been their playground, and they stand to reap ever-increasing benefit from ongoing conflict and instability.The JTF was formed by a total majority vote in the UN represented by several EU and NATO countries.


You usually start missions with a handful of men. When funding is available, you can expand your force by deploying land or air vehicles. All of your soldiers gain experience during the game. The higher the experience, the more effective the soldier will become in regards to fighting ability and survival. Once a soldier reaches level 5, he is eligible for a promotion.  When promoted, the soldier can choose from an assortment of skills, and more after each level.


Ranger: The basic soldier that forms the backbone of any task force.
Combat Medic: Perhaps the most vital support unit and unsung heroes of the battlefield. They can heal fallen soldiers and have increased combat durability.
Commando: Trained in infiltration and close-combat techniques, these silent killers are able to take any enemy opposition.
Marksman: Specialized in killing from afar, picking off targets in buildings and bunkers with shocking ease.
Engineer: Engineers perfom all repairs and maintenance work on JTF gear. They can repair any damaged land vehicle in minutes.
Pilot: These specialist troops are hand-picked for duty and are trained in operation of aircrafts.


  • Humvee
  • M2A3 IFV
  • M1A2 Main Battle Tank
  • Mobile Flak Unit
  • Artillery
  • MLRS
  • AH-6 Attack Helicopter
  • AH-64 Attack Helicopter
  • A-10A Thunderbolt
  • NightHawk Attack Craft
  • AV-8B Fighter Jet
  • FRSV


Multiplayer includes 4 modes: Deathmatch, Domination, Battle Royal, and custom.