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Iron Tides
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Iron Tides is a rogue-lite, turn-based strategy game being developed by Crash Wave Games. Iron Tides was Steam Greenlit on November 26, 2015, with a public release of Early Access on July 24th 2017 .

Iron Tides has the player recruit and manage a roster of Vikings to explore and battle. Maps and battles are procedurally generated.


The game takes place within the titular Iron Tides, a mysterious island chain surrounded by a dangerous and unexplored sea. The player assumes the role of a Viking chieftain set out to restore their hometown to its former wealth and glory. The player recruits and manages a roster of Vikings to explore and battle. Maps and battles are procedurally generated.


There are three main areas of gameplay: Norhaven, Voyaging, and Combat


The home base of the Viking chieftain and their clan where the player spends time between Voyaging. Here the player can manage crew, stock supplies, trade, and make longterm investments to improve their base.


Voyaging takes place on a large tiled map where the player controls a Viking longship. The player's goal is to best profit from the voyage while exploring the map. Each map tile has terrain that is either passable (usually open water) or impassable (usually a landmass). On the map are various points of interest, which could be a trading post, combat, or some other random encounter. Movement is turn-based. When the player moves time passes on the map as well, so enemies may change position, and encounters may adapt.

While Voyaging the player must manage their resources and crew carefully since their ship has a limited hold-capacity.


Some player encounters will result in combat. Once a combat encounter is initiated the player is taken to a tiled battle map. Generally the goal of combat is to destroy all enemy forces. There are a variety of enemy types and factions. Combat is turn based, with the player or enemy player alternating turns in which they perform all the movement and actions of their respective forces.

Each Viking class has its own unique set of abilities. Basic movement and attacks are free, while performing extra actions or more powerful abilities requires the special resource Fury.

Vikings can permanently die from injuries sustained in combat.