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Intelligence: 314th Clash
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Intelligence: 314th Clash is the final edition and legally-sound version of the Original game which debuted in March 2011 as a Demo, and was released as a complete story six months later. However this story was deemed Act One, and Act Two was released in patch 1.1. Another Version known as "Intelligence: Net-ready" updated a lot of the art, music and released what was ready of Act Three.

Intelligence: 314th Clash stars all 7 originally planned Acts as Four instead, and ties up the events of the current depiction of the Biztopian Cosmos.

For sake of legal integrity; Bizarre Monkey (The lead designer of the game) has stated that all previous versions of Intelligence are now deprecated, including all demos and/or pre-release builds.

The Game is both published and Developed by the Crazy Chimp Collective and Corporation XVI.


Intelligence takes place prominently on an alternate-future version of Earth in 2102. In 2032 all of the humans have departed in large shuttles, leaving their world to its own fate. At this point, Blu-- the demigodess of magic and the aspect of mind, evolved the domesticated mammals earth had been left behind in a very quick span of time.

By the time of 2102, the Earth is host to a new ever-growing civilization, the civilization of mammals. In this reality, the Mammals see "Old Ones" (which is their coining for humans) as mostly benign and curious, commonly talking to citizenry ends up with players being pondered to them about odd behaviors the Old Ones were discovered or suspected to do.

The game takes place largely on the East Coast of Australia, Bizarre Monkey (Lead of Design) states that he felt a game based in Australia would work well, and that he also had visited all of the places the players can go at least once in his life due to his own locale being based there.


On December 21st of 2012, Earth is assaulted by a Gaseous amalgamation known as "Maw" (also "The Frostlord") which ties into the end of the Mayan Calendar. Over the following 20 years, the Human race tries in assumed futility to fight or somehow repel the invader, but begin to lose hope... however a mysterious figure going only by "Messenger" opts to aid the humans and readies for them an escape using advanced albeit notably compatible Bizjalan Technology. After 20 years of travelling in Space, the peregrine species locate a Planet barren of much life that they would call "Hope". The Messenger aids them getting setup on their new world, promptly afterwards revealing that he was "not truly human".

Skip ahead 90 years, (07/21/2102) two close friends are driving west to celebrate where they met. The first of these two titular figures is Rolly; a plump and short-limbed Jersey Beagle with a warming loud heart and a green coat, accompanied by his erratic friend Pep, a spiky-haired Tabby with a gold tooth and a skittish fun personality. Shortly after their arrival, they are greeted by some trouble, but are soon assisted by Tristy, a Kangaroo who has become indifferent to society, but secretly yearns for companionship. After they dispatch of the threat, Tristy reveals that they were fighting remnants of a villain she had helped to contain, Pep recognizes her feats and calls her by her Hero name, leading to Tristy's temporary shock, but it's revealed Pep had read some comics which she had prominently featured, shortly after, Rolly convinces her to be friends with Pep and himself.

After five months and twenty days of being friends (12/11/2102), Tristy is unceremoniously called to duty yet again, and Pep and Rolly insist that they join her, upon arriving, they meet the Messenger, who addresses Tristy as "the last kangaroo", before asking her how she managed to contain Maw, should the need arise to contain him or something similar, again. At first Tristy is tight-lipped on the matter, and is made nervous by the ominous appearance the messenger wears, she quickly realizes his intentions are noble however, and gives him hint enough to satisfy him. The Messenger fondly states that his race will be happy beyond what she can know, and leaves peacefully-- however noting that they would speak again.

Ten days later, (12/21/2102) the three are made privy to the realization Maw has been released, Maw finds them, and not too long after, kills them. However, it appears that Death isn't the end, and it's revealed that the three along with another who would join them later all have an incredible power, and united, they could change anything and everything.


The game is focused largely on turn-based sideview combat common to J-RPG's, requiring strategy and risk-taking to optimize and defeat the swathe of different monsters, bosses and encounters. The game is host to a variety of on-map minigames, puzzles and events of varying difficulty. Outside of this, the player moves around with a play-piece on a gridded map using the arrow keys, holding left or right shift will toggle a faster speed, and pressing the Enter, Z or Spacebar keys will interact (if possible) with the environment or non-player characters in proximity to the player character.

As the player progresses, they'll unlock more tools and more powerful abilities, the abilities and tools are more often than otherwise-- unique to the character in possession of them.


Playable Characters

  • Rolly Fatdog: A green beagle who stands on big feet. He is Pep's best friend and has a lovable goofy nature. He is an empathetic brawler who only fights when he needs to, his past while still fairly innocuous, is not easily guessed by the innocent foolhardy demeanor he exhibits. Most of his attacks are based on his appetite (which Tristy describes of horrific), food (notably truffles), his color (Green) or his power (Resolve).
  • Pep Cookiedoe: A Gold-toothed red-furred lackadaisy imbiber of red cordial concentrate, alike Rolly his color is not natural, but more a victim of still-maintained consumption habits. Despite his age, he's rather worldly-- coming from a background of revolution and having fought tooth and nail for what he believes in before, he depends largely on his friends but does his best not make that obvious. His abilities are based largely on drinking, his past, his profession (Demolition) or his power (Perseverance).
  • Tristy Heals: A shy mild-tempered Kangaroo gal with a very round head and a very devious streak to her personality. Tristy is largely inundated but also cursed by both personal solace and existential questioning, often wishing she knew less and could live a lie in ignorance. She makes it very obvious that Pep and Rolly have been large improvements to her life. Despite her honesty, she's a cunning and manipulative thief, and edges Rolly and Pep into helping her help them with getting enough food to last. Her abilities are based largely on her profession (Healer), existential tones, angelic magic, fruit or her element (Trust).
  • Limbo Bingo: The party loving starbearing meat-less meatshield of the group with a very high damage output, he is invited along by Pep during their first mission. Later it's revealed Limbo was a planned addition, and that he'd been watching them from ever since they were chosen. His abilities are based largely on his profession (Partymaster), form (Skeletopian/Angel of Death), color (Purple), associates (Naxon or The Grim Reaper) and his element (Laughter.)

Other Major Characters

  • Safael, The Shaper of Worlds: A smart-mouthed ever-trusting instructor for the heroes for the majority of the first Act, he gives Rolly, Pep and Tristy their mission to defeat Maw once and for all.
  • Bubbles, The Grim Reaper: A worn-down snarky individual who just happens to be the Grim Reaper by trade, a job he doesn't appear to be incredibly enthusiastic about, and often laments that he'd rather be called Bubbles than "Grim" as he'd rather not be reminded every interaction of what he must do. He reveals that he never actually reaped Rolly, Pep or Tristy, and that he has special plans for them.
  • Hellcat: Often referred to as 'Sir' by Tristy, he was once an adventurer who scoured the depths of Heldath, the heights of Galvana and the City of the Dead (a.k.a the Necropolis) in his prime, but he feels like he is getting too old to aid in any physical manner, but offers the heroes a way to face their destiny regardless. In return of being called Sir, he often refers to Tristy by 'Lieutenant', and it's revealed that they fought against Maw together on several fronts, though he notates that despite his wishes, he was not there to see Tristy's success in person.
  • The Messenger: A mysterious figure with noble intentions and a very humble personality, he's revealed to highly respect and revere humans, despite not being one himself-- as they helped him when he most needed it. It's revealed the Messenger is a large fan of pen and paper tactics games, puzzles (Rubix cubes as a large factor) and mathematics.
  • General Gor: A mannered, headstrong and honorable leader, he cares deeply about the survival of the human race, but has a very moral code of ethics, as well. Often lamenting that maybe MAW was only a wake up call. He gets on incredibly well with Messenger, and even proposes they play some dots and squares, to which the Messenger is all too keen.
  • Yasondre, the Fable Druid: It's assumed she relies largely on the heroes, and even gives them a personal mission in Act Two, though through the words of someone else.
  • Origin, All That Which Tis: He makes his first appearance in Act Two, and takes over from Safael as being the instructor for the heroes until halfway through Act Three. Tristy and most of the cast find him insufferable and annoying to talk too.
  • Member XII: The Employer and close friend of the Messenger whom he calls "Member X" or "Kurtis", Member XII appears as a mid-height lanky human with monkey ears and a tail. He does not directly involve himself with the characters until well into Act Three, but has brief intermissions in The Equation Unsolved throughout various points in the game leading up until that point.
  • Blu, the Spellweaver: A swiftly apprehensive, short-tempered emotionally-overburdened demigoddess who essentially becomes the make or break macguffin by the Fourth Act, she starts out heavily in disposition with Member XII, but starts to change her mind during the events of Act Four, most noticeably in relation to Origin's shift in behavior.

Mini Games

  • Debris Dodge
  • Stealing from the Fish Market
  • Battle on the Bridge
  • Museum Heist
  • Call of the Fireman
  • Battle on the Skybridge
  • Grinding the Rails
  • Electric Skydive
  • Epilipsychology


The Games entire soundtrack is composed by Jake "MoneyMenace" Gamelin. With 54 Songs and 6 Music Effects.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4/MEs
01 Minds Over Matter16 Underscored To The Gravest Power31 Angelus Reus Irae46 Deep, Deeper, Yet Deeper
02 Epilepsychosis17 You Aren't Exactly Subtle32 Presence of Mind47 Against the Dark Face of God
03 He Who Ran18 Sad, Isn't It?33 Circular-Eared Defiance48 Persevere!
04 Ah the Good Ol' Days!19 In Mortals I Trust34 Light Of Dawn49 .CRASH
05 He Who Rebelled20 Intellectual Challenge35 Crossing a Line Into No-Mortals-Land50 Time. To. Die.
06 Bad Hair Day21 Sir36 Incalculable Sanctuary51 Arrival of the Apex
07 She Who Rallied22 The Party Mouth37 Electricolooza52 Release from the Machine
08 Striving for Solace23 You have an Incredible Power38 Do The Lingo!53 Her Repentance
09 Trouble...24 Defying Time39 Four Lights in the Darkness54 Epilepschology
10 Into Strife!25 But the Gods Ignored the Plea40 Miracle of LifeME We are the Champions!
11 Earth is Yours26 Dark of Night41 Taking One's LifeME But It Wasn't Enough...
12 The Big City27 She's MAD!42 Advent HorizonME The Old Ones
13 It Serves Us Right28 Passionate Flames43 Oof! So Uncooperative!ME What Lies Beyond The Door
14 What have I done?29 The Metropolis44 Sisters of VirtueME The Flesh Peels
15 You Aren't Exactly Subtle30 A Voice Most Annoying45 Mercy's off The TableME The Rude Fairy