Fragile Allegiance (0)

Fragile Allegiance
First release date
PC Linux
Cajji Software Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
Interplay Entertainment Corp.


In a future where the Earth can no longer support its ever-increasing population, pioneers have established colonies on countless new worlds. The fortunate ones have prospered and thrived, mining the precious ores and minerals that they found there, and the unfortunate have succumbed to the ravages of deep space.

In the year 2496, the player is appointed Colony Director for Tetracorp and must build a thriving colony while defending it from 6 alien species. Fragile Allegiance offers a fast-paced RTS where players can buy blueprints, hunt for asteroids to mine, or even build an Asteroid Engine and use it against an opponent. Players can also deploy spy satellites and sabotage agents to thoroughly undermine enemies. Once players expand beyond the scope of one colony, they can appoint Colony Managers to take care of the more minor details of running and maintaining the colony.

Fragile Allegiance Cheat Codes

Go to the DOS prompt and start the game by typing:

FRAGILE /cKim.Jon.fmsti for the European version or FRAGILE /c.Osiris.fmsti for the American version.

Here's what the arguments mean:

  • f= build everything in one day
  • m= extra money
  • s= see all asteroids
  • t= change game speed. alt f7 slows time and alt f8 speeds up time
  • i= have all information about aliens and trading items.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor:486 DX2 or faster
Hard Drive Space:32 MB
Operating System:Windows 95, MS-DOS