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Fracture the Flag
First release date
Mac PC
One Wheel Studio

Fracture the Flag is a physics based multiplayer take on the RTS genre. FTF was inspired by the classic board game Crossbows and Catapults.

Physics based brick walls protect your buildings and your workers. Archers poised on high ground keep watch over enemy bombers and swordsman. Lumber, stone and minerals are needed to build and supply your siege weapons. A tech tree provides upgrades but requires players to choose a strategy.


4 player map

Fracture the Flag was originally designed as a multiplayer game. Maps currently support up to 4 players. Games are internet based - LAN games are not supported.

Currently multiplayer supports only one mode - domination - but will support more modes such as capture the flag, king of the mountain, etc.

Single Player

Alpha Build

While the focus of FTF was on multiplayer some single player levels are and have been added. The levels consist of economic and military based challenges.

Single player levels are designed to be challenges and sources of Steam Achievements.

Additional levels and challenges will be added.


Fracture the Flag will be release on on June 9th 2016


Fracture the Flag is the first game produced by One Wheel Studio. Just as it sounds One Wheel Studio is solo project with all coding, art and game design done in house by one person.