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Fort Triumph


Fort Triumph is a Turn Based Strategy RPG set in a Fantasy world, that puts emphasis on interactive environments to support rich and smart tactical playstyle.

The game is currently under development by Fort Triumph LTD, and is planned to be released at Q2 of 2018 for PC, MAC, Linux, Playstation & Xbox, and an early free to play demo is available through Steam, IndieDB and Gamejolt.

The project was launched on Kickstarter on 04/19/17.


The world is in turmoil and leaking magic, driving the natural order into chaos. Fort Triumph is the last safe haven where heroes now gather to try and find the source of the leaks, and heal the shell of the world. In the game, the player controls that party of heroes on their various quests.


The combats are turn-based on a tiled map, and rely on the use of cover, party synergy and smart use of the environment. The game's content is procedurally generated, meaning that no combat is the same and the player can never know where the enemies come from or where treasures can be found.

Quests and missions are also procedurally generated, insuring that each playthrough will be unique and will deepen the lore and secrets that can be learned about the world.


The party of heroes is composed of four main classes:

Savage - Melee\DPS

These brutal cannibals excel at dealing massive damage in the frontline of battles.

Mage - Ranged\Support

The mages are masters of the arcane, able to conjure cover and alter the battlefield.

Ranger - Ranged\DPS

Rangers are the silent killers, able to snipe at unsuspecting enemies from afar.

Paladin - Melee\Tank

These heroic knights are the pillar of the group, able to inspire their companions and absorb the heat of battle.

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