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Epic Manager
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ManaVoid Entertainment

Epic Manager is a 2D Strategy RPG Tycoon game where the player acts as the manager and CEO of his own Adventuring Agency. Through scouting talented adventurers, negotiating their contracts and signing them to his agency, the player will be able to send his/her adventurers on quests and reap the rewards!

After the realm's unification, the thousands of drafted soldiers in Astraeus were left with no work to feed their families. They decided to form adventuring parties and go out in the world to accomplish quests for anyone who would pay. Sadly, their lack of preparation and mismanagement of their inventories led to many gruesome deaths...

This is where the Astraeus Adventuring Association (AAA) was formed! Through training exercices and entrepreneurship, the AAA created an ecosystem where they would breed Adventuring Agencies that would manage these adventurers as they go about doing good (or evil...) in the realm.

As in any business, some agencies were better than others and a healthy competition grew from this. The agencies were placed in leagues with their peers and those who were good enough to finish in the top of their leagues could continue working, while the others were forced to shut down.

Every year, one adventuring agency is crowned above all the rest and the manager of that agency is known as the Epic Manager. He has the responsibility of keeping the realm together in one piece, has access to the most lucrative jobs and is reknown throughout Astraeus as the greatest manager.

But to achieve that status, one must first go through the lower leagues... This is where the player begins his journey on his way to becoming the Epic Manager.