Burger Shop 2 (0)

Burger Shop 2
First release date
Reflexive Entertainment Inc.

Burger Shop 2 picks up where Burger Shop left off. Aliens left us humans blueprints for a burger robot, burger making machine and humans used it to start a restaurant. The main character awakens in a dumpster in burger shop 2 with a bump on his head. The restaurant HQ is decrepit and overgrown with weeds, with no idea what has happened to the once glorious restaurant chain! A strange man who claims to own the shop now offers to sell it for one dollar and will not answer any other questions. Since the restaurant has been built up once before, why not again. It is now time to get to work! Thus begins story mode.

There are multiple different modes in Burger Shop 2

Story Mode

Contains 120 levels and introduces the various different customers that visit the burger shop.

Challenge Mode

Relax Mode

Expert Mode

Contains another 120 levels and adds an additional customer to deal with. Instead of three customers at once, now there are four customers to serve!

Hall Of Fame

Shows all trophies that the player has collected throughout the game.