Bones: Lab Panic (0)

Bones: Lab Panic
First release date
John Herman Studios
Fox Broadcasting Co.


Bones Lab Panic is a free tower defense online browser-based desktop PC game inspired by the Fox television show Bones.

Where To Play

The game is free to play from any desktop or laptop PC, and is optimized for the Firefox browser. Play now at:


Utilizing equipment inspired by the show, players are tasked with identifying a relentless series of skeletons before the carts cross the forensic platform. The game features 20 levels, 8 pieces of equipment, 4 special items, and nearly 100 live-action talent videos of encouragement from cast members TJ Thyne, Tamara Taylor, and Michaela Conlin. Players start with the title of "Squinterns" and can earn promotions along the way to becoming "King of the Lab". By completing every level with 100% success, players are treated to a special congratulations video.


Bones Lab Panic was published by Fox Broadcasting Co. in conjunction with developer John Herman Studios.

The game was built in Unity, with game assets created in 3D Studio Max.

All of the skeleton casings and based on ways that skeletons have been found in previous episodes of Bones.