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Blades of the Righteous
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Coldwild Games


Blades of the Righteous is a turn-based strategy game that involves unit micromanagement. It is the first published PC title for Windows platform by Coldwild Games.The main feature of the game is that it allows managing the individual units, requiring player to select certain skills to train and adjust the army composition to his own playstyle.

The game is mostly played in two modes:

  • Global Map, where player encounters random events
  • Tactical turn-based battles, where players army fights the enemy army

Global Map

The global map offers resource management - the player can acquire the resources (Iron, Wood, Gems, Food) and spend them at his castle to hire and upgrade troops.

Depending on the difficulty, enemies spawn ever 2-3-4 turns. If enemies are left unattended - the game ends with a defeat. After a while, a portal appears. The player must destroy the enemy-spawning portal to progress further. After all portals are destroyed, the player must fight the boss and his army to complete the level.

Once in a while, the random event occurs, that allows player to make choices that result in unit upgrades, resource acquisition or extra spending.

Tactical Battles

The tactical battles consist of fighting between AI and Player. Each army consists of up to 8 units. The battle process is straightforward: unit can move and attack or use ability after that. Defender always retaliates to the first attack if attacker is in range. If one of the sides loses all the units - it is considered defeated.