How Blockchain and Cryptos Affect Video Games

Blockchain is already disrupting the video game industry big time — what a great time to be alive! What we are witnessing as gamers is a revolution of a sort that could turn games upside-down and completely change the way we perceive gaming. In fact, games are currently the target of blockchain tech companies, as they have already explored a lot of options in the financial industry.

So how can blockchain actually affect games we play on our consoles, PCs, and mobile phones? Let’s take a look.

Connecting Gaming Universes

Since blockchain will make some of the characters and in-game items unique, they will be able to appear in different games. Therefore, we will witness interlinked universes from different games. Moreover, characters will be able to level up in any game you play since all the information stored about them will be on the chain and, thus, immutable. How cool it would be if you could level a character in one game and use their new weapons and skills in another?

Although this idea is highly speculative at the moment, blockchain paves a solid ground for developers to think it through and offer something like that to gamers worldwide.

Gaming Items Will Have Value

Since items, just like cryptocurrencies, will be stored on the chain and data about them will be encrypted and immutable, they will all have value. In other words, you could buy an epic sword from another player in the game, and such sword would have no other similar instances — it would be a unique item with original look and features. That is just like buying an item in real life.

Items Can Be Stored Safely

One of the main features of blockchain technology is that it is very safe as all transactions are encrypted and cannot be accessed. Therefore, many gamers would be able to increase their in-game security and secure their items better. Once integrated into games, blockchain will offer great protection for everyone.

Casino Games Will Be Played with Crypto

One type of gaming that has been very popular lately on the web is casino games. There are millions of people who like to spin online slots and play other interesting table and card games. Many casinos saw the potential of cryptocurrencies and started offering crypto gaming as well. In other words, people who already own some bitcoins can enjoy various bitcoin casino games and have fun with cryptos, for example here:

In fact, the connection between games of chance and bitcoin is very strong, as one of the first pieces of software that were made in relation to bitcoin was Satoshi Dice. It was one of the ways for early bitcoin owners to have fun and even earn some BTCs along the way.

Scarcity of Items in Games

Scarcity is a very interesting concept introduced with blockchain. Goods in real life are scarce, meaning we cannot have as many instances of something as we want. Cryptocurrencies introduced scarcity in the digital world, and that could also be applied to games. Some items will exist only in a couple of instances, which will pave the way for a more interesting approach to gaming that would resemble our world.

Entire Gaming Economies Will Be Regulated

Scarcity will also pave the way for gaming economies. How is that so? When you play World of Warcraft, moderators can give you more coins, meaning that there can be as many in-game coins as you want. However, what happens when the total amount of in-game money is limited? Economies emerge and games become much more exciting with items and characters having real value.

Is All of the Above Actually Possible?

If you are not into a blockchain, the text above may seem as sci-fi nonsense to you. Although it is true that blockchain technology is still very young, thousands of IT professionals, data scientists, and other great minds are researching it and exploring its capabilities. Ubisoft already started introducing blockchain to their games, and many online casinos already offer crypto iGaming.

In other words, it is not the question of if but rather a question of when. Many people are aware of the disruptive power of blockchain technology and are already making big plans for the future, including the gaming industry. Therefore, if you want to know how gaming will look like in the future, feel free to explore the subject of blockchain/gaming relation more — you might be in for a surprise!

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