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Tony  Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk Tony Hawk's Underground
Tony Hawk Tony Hawk's Underground
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Take a custom skater around the world and rise as a pro skater!

Tony Hawk's Underground (known in Japan as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2003) is a skateboarding game developed by and published by or the , , and on October 27, 2003. The fifth installment of the long-running franchise and the sequel to , Tony Hawk's Underground is the first main game in the franchise to disband the "Pro Skater" name, adding a brand new story mode (in which the player's custom skater rises from a local unknown to a superstar). The game also introduces the ability to travel on foot (allowing players to navigate certain areas easier, either in or out of a combo chain, while allowing them to climb to places unreachable by skating), ability to wallplant and wallpush (pushing the skater off the wall when approaching it straight on), and limited vehicle gameplay.

The game also introduces enhanced character creation, as players can create tricks using the Create-A-Trick mode and to their skaters (PlayStation 2 version only). Players can also create custom objectives for both regular and custom maps using the new Create-A-Goal mode.

This game was ported to the (in Australia only) by sometime in 2004. A handheld version was also developed for the by , maintaining the 2D gameplay from the handheld versions of the previous four installments of the franchise.

Tony Hawk's Underground, like previous installments in the series, features from different franchises as hidden playable skaters: (the bassist from the band ) and (a superhero from the ). Players can also unlock three levels from : Hangar, School 2, and Venice Beach.

Changes from previous Games

New features for the game included the ability to get off of the skateboard (to walk around the level, or in the middle of a combo for a few seconds), the ability to drive cars, and the ability to create tricks, skateboard decks, clothing, and custom goals and share them online. Another new online feature was the ability to upload a picture of the player and then map it onto their created skater's face. Also included were a few new skateboarding moves - the "wall push", the "wall plant", the "hip transfer", and the "acid drop". The amount of tricks per skater was increased with double-tap grinds and more assignable slots for special tricks.


The game's story centers around a player created character and his friend . Both are up and coming skateboarders looking to become sponsored pros. Throughout the game, the player's character travels to different cities (each a different level in the game) and performs a series of tasks for different people (which in turn advances the story). Each level also includes a professional skater who can be approached and will give the player the ability to do a new "special trick" if their goal is accomplished.


  • Slam City Jam
  • Hotter Than Hell
  • Hangar
  • School 2
  • Venice Beach


  • Aceyalone - "Rapps on Deck"
  • Anacron - "A Prototype"
  • Busdriver - "Imaginary Places"
  • Cannibal Ox - "Iron Galaxy"
  • Dan the Automator - "A Better Tomorrow"
  • Deltron 3030 - "Positive Contact"
  • DJ Q-bert - "Cosmic Assassins"
  • Frog One - "Blah Blah"
  • J-Live - "Braggin' Writes Revisited"
  • Juggaknots - "The Circle Pt. 1"
  • Jurassic 5 (ft. Big Daddy Kane and Percee P) - "A Day at the Races" (THUG trailer song)
  • LA Symphony - "King Kong"
  • Living Legends - "War Games"
  • Mr. Dibbs - "Skin Therapy"
  • Mr. Lif - "Phantom"
  • MURS - "Transitions as a Ridah"
  • Nas - "The World Is Yours"
  • People Under the Stairs - "The Next Step II"
  • Quasimoto - "Low Class Conspiracy"
  • R.A. The Rugged Man - "King of the Underground"
  • Supernatural - "Internationally Known"
  • The Herbaliser (feat. MF DOOM) - "It Ain't Nuttin'"
  • Wildchild - "Secondary Protocol"
  • Alkaline Trio - "Armageddon"
  • Angry Amputees - "She Said"
  • Assorted Jelly Beans - "Rebel Yell"
  • Authority Zero - "Everyday"
  • Bad Religion - "Big Bang"
  • Blue Collar Special - "Don't Wait"
  • Bracket - "2 Rak 005"
  • The Clash - "White Riot"
  • Dropkick Murphys - "Time to Go"
  • Electric Frankenstein - "Annie's Grave"
  • The Explosion - "No Revolution"
  • Flamethrower - "I Want It All"
  • GBH - "Crush 'Em"
  • Hot Water Music - "Remedy"
  • Mike V. and the Rats - "The Days"
  • The Adicts - "Viva La Revolution"
  • The Browns - "American Werewolf in Calgary"
  • The Midnight Evils - "Loaded and Lonely"
  • NOFX - "Separation of Church and Skate"
  • Paint It Black - "Womb Envy"
  • Refused - "New Noise"
  • Rise Against - "Like The Angel" (incorrectly noted as "Like the Angels")
  • Rubber City Rebels - "(I Wanna) Pierce My Brain"
  • Social Distortion - "Mommy's Little Monster"
  • Stiff Little Fingers - "Suspect Device"
  • Strike Anywhere - "Refusal"
  • Sublime - "Seed" *
  • Transplants - "California Babylon
  • Blind Iris - "Drive"
  • Camarosmith - "It's Alright"
  • Clutch - "Impetus"
  • Crash and Burn - "Crazy and Stupid"
  • Entombed - "To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth"
  • Five Horse Johnson - "Mississippi King
  • Fu Manchu - "California Crossing"
  • High on Fire - "Hung, Drawn and Quartered"
  • In Flames - "Embody the Invisible"
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  • Kiss - "Rock and Roll All Nite"
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  • The Hellacopters - "(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!"
  • The Hookers - "The Legend of Black Thunder"
  • Unida - "Black Woman"