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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
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The Mall, one of the seven levels featured in THPS HD

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is a downloadable game for , , and . It is a developed by that features levels from and . Instead of porting the original games with HD graphics, Robomodo created a new engine within meant to emulate the physics of the original games. Gameplay features stop at Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, meaning only manuals and the Sloppy/Perfect judgement system made it into the game. Each level featured was re-created with new textures, and returning characters are modernized for their current real-world appearance.

The game was announced at the and was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on July 18th, 2012 for 1200 Microsoft Points. The PlayStation Network version was released the following month on August 28th, 2012. A PC version is also planned. It released to mixed reviews, some praising its well-executed throwback to classic Tony Hawk games with others criticizing its lack of content.


Despite being built anew, the game is meant to emulate the physics and play style of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Additions of the series such as , spine transfers, walking, or have not made it into the game, though the Revert will be added exclusively for future levels. The manual and landing judgement systems from THPS 2 are present, however, meaning combos can be continued on land and the game will reward/penalize your score for the quality of your landing. The landing judgement is seen in-game as "Perfect" or "Sloppy" next to the trick list. Also featured are nollies and stance switching, as they were present in the original THPS.

The game features a variety of different modes for both single player and multiplayer, as follows:

Single Player Modes


The classic Tony Hawk experience. Players get two minutes to complete a run in which they attempt to knock out a list of predetermined objectives, ranging from to collecting objects, or performing certain tricks over certain . Runs can be repeated multiple times and an objective will clear from the level when completed. Cash icons are also scattered throughout the level as collectibles and they can be collected to both 100% a level and spend on stats, boards, or tricks in the Skate Shop. Beating a predetermined number of goals in one level will unlock the next one in the list.

Career Mode is also where players can unlock cheats and secret characters. Completing the "100% Goals and Cash" goal in each level will unlock a new cheat for the player, for example.

Single Session

Like career mode without the goals or unlocks. Players get two minutes to complete a run whilst attempting to reach as high a score as possible.

Free Skate

No time limits or goals. This mode is intended for players to practice combo lines, relax, and discover secret areas.

Big Head Survival

A new mode to the series, Big Head Survival is a mode where the player's head is constantly increasing in size and must complete tricks and combos to make it shrink down. A percentage meter will display how close the player's head is to exploding with the difficulty increasing as time progresses. The player's head explodes into confetti when the meter reaches 100%.


Returning from Proving Ground, Hawkman is a mode where players need to collect colored tokens scattered across the level. Each color is associated to a type of trick, and the tokens are laid out across the level to purposely teach the player some of the highest-scoring lines in the level. Green Tokens are for Manuals, Yellow for Grinds, Red for Air, and Blue for Wallrides. There is a High, Pro, and Sick Score associated to how fast the player can collect all tokens.


Projectives is a similar mode to Career, although the objectives are noticeably more difficult. This is the last mode unlocked and is a made-up word for "Professional Objectives". Tony Hawk seemed rather pleased with the name when talking about it in a post-release trailer.

Multiplayer Modes

Time Attack

Essentially a multiplayer Single Session. Players have two minutes to put in the highest score possible. Combos can be continued past the timer expiration, though landing after the timer will immediately halt the player. The highest scoring player wins.


A classic mode from the original Tony Hawk games, Graffiti gets players to paint obstacles in the level to their assigned color by scoring on them within a two minute timer. Opposing players can then attempt to steal the obstacle from them by scoring a higher number of points on that obstacle, with any player being able to paint multiple obstacles at once by chaining them together with a combo. The total score of the player's combo is the score assigned to each individual object painted in their combo. When the timer runs out, the player with the highest number of obstacles their color wins.

Big Head Elimination

Similar to the single player Survival variant, Big Head Elimination makes all players' heads increase at the same time. They must land tricks and combos to prevent their head from increasing too much and exploding. When their heads explode, they are eliminated from the match. The last surviving player wins.

Free Skate

No objectives or time limits. This mode lets players explore levels, practice with each other, and mess about at their leisure.


Eric Koston at School 2

Much like the classic THPS games, the HD version features a roster of professional skaters as well as a few secret ones.


  • (DLC)
  • (DLC)


  • Tony Hawk (Low-Res 1999 version)



  • Mall
  • Downhill Jam
  • Warehouse


  • Hangar
  • Marseilles
  • School 2
  • Venice Beach

Downloadable Content

A $5 (400 MS Points) pack containing select content from , including the Airport, Los Angeles, and Canada levels, was released on December 4, 2012. The revert ability that made Tony Hawk 3 what it was came free for everyone and is currently usable on any level in the game, not just the THPS3 levels. It also includes new skaters, including , , and Metallica band members and Robert Trujillo. The revert pack also added a song from Metallica's album Death Magnetic, "All Nightmare Long."


The game features a with half of the songs being from / and the other half being new songs that have never been used in a game before. It should be noted that of the returning songs only one is from the first THPS with the remainder being from THPS2.

Returning Songs

  • “Bring the Noise” - Anthrax featuring Chuck D
  • “Superman” - Goldfinger
  • “When Worlds Collide” - Powerman 5000
  • “Heavy Metal Winner” - Consumed
  • “May 16” - Lagwagon
  • “No Cigar” - Millencolin
  • “You” - Bad Religion

New Songs

  • “The Bomb” - Pigeon John
  • “We the People” - Lateef the Truthspeaker
  • “Marathon Mansion!” - Pegasuses-XL
  • “Teenage Blood” - Apex Manor
  • “Please Ask for Help” - Telekinesis
  • “Flyentology (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)” - El-P featuring Trent Reznor
  • “USA” - Middle Class Rut

Included with the Revert Pack

  • "All Nightmare Long" - Metallica

System Requirements


  • (or Recommended)
    • OS: Microsoft Windows(R) XP, Windows Vista(R) or Windows(R) 7
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs) -or- AMD(R) Athlon(TM) II X2 250
    • Memory: 2 GB (Vista/Win 7)
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.8 GB of free hard drive space
    • Video Card: 256 MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 8600 GTS -or- 256 MB ATI(R) Radeon(TM) HD 3650 -or- equivalent graphic card
    • DirectX®: DirectX(R) version: 9.0c (included)
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compliant true 16-bit sound card