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Space Jam
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PlayStation Saturn PC
Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City
Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes


Space Jam is a 3-on-3 arcade game developed by and published by for the , , and in 1996/1997. It is the spiritual sequel to Sculptured's other -themed basketball game (), tying into the 1996 .

said he programmed some of the mini games and menus while working at Acclaim in the mid 90's.

Game play

Space Jam's game play consists of a 3-on-3 arcade style basketball game where and two other looney tunes characters play against the "monstars" opposing team. This is mixed with additional mini games between matches and quarters. Some of these mini-games include Shoot Out, Space Race and Hall of Hijinx. Much of the game play is similar to in it's cartoonish arcade style mechanics.

Team Roster

Tune Squad


  • Nawt
  • Bang
  • Blanko
  • Bupkus
  • Pound

Non Playable Characters

Critical Reception

The game received mostly negative reviews including a citing lazy game play and poor execution.