Sonny's Race for the Chocolatey Taste (0)

Sonny's Race for the Chocolatey Taste
First release date
Hulabee Entertainment Inc.


Sonny the Cuckoo Bird has entered the titular Race for the Chocolatey Taste. He must succeed the race's four legs in order to win.


The game takes place in four locales with five stages each: 
  • The Himalayas: Snowboarding
  • The Canadian Rockies: Mountain Biking
  • The Amazon River: Kayaking
  • Venice Beach, California: Skateboarding
The main objective of the game is to dodge obstacles and reach the exit before the time limit expires. Along the way you must collect coins, chocolate pieces, and Cocoa Puffs cereal (invulnerability). The fifth level of each locale is a bonus stage.


  • The game came free with the purchase of a specially marked box of Cocoa Puffs cereal.
  • The disc came with 1000 free hours of America Online (for 45 days). 
  • The disc also came with a 1-chapter demo of Hulabee's .