‘FIFA 20’ All You Need to Know Before Buying the Game

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After one year of intense work, EA is back with their latest game FIFA 20. FIFA is the bestselling sports video game franchise with 260 million copies sold since its first release in 1993. In fact, it is the fifth best-selling video game franchise of all-time just after Super Mario, Pokémon, GTA and Call of Duty.

Fans are already excited to try out their latest creations and find out about their new features, which this game promises about. In this article we will go through the positive and negative things about the new FIFA 20 game and find out if it is worth buying.

Let’s start with the positive things

Changes to the Speed Threshold

Speed physics has always been the toughest thing to conquer in sports games just because players do not seem to find the differences between speed and skill of the players. They had trouble with this since the beginnings and the good news is that in the latest FIFA 20, they got rid of the problem. All players are carefully balanced using metrics unlike ever before.

Ball Physics

EA is improving the ball physics in every new release, giving players the option to have a more realistic experience. Even though in the last FIFA 19 ball physics were good they occasionally can get clipped between players on collision, but that is not the ball physics fault. However, the latest FIFA 20 comes with even realistic ball movements and more realistic angles, curves, heights while traveling at realistic speed.

Reflects today's Football

This game is based on quick passing and the use of the personal unique skill of the player in order to win the game. This sounds similar to the football era we see today. FIFA 20 with its exceptional graphics is the perfect example of today’s football.

Battle Pass

FIFA 20 includes special rewards that you receive once you buy your battle pass. These rewards are usually earned by completing tasks and it is the perfect way to avoid traditional loot box concepts. The rewards will only be available for a limited time which makes the concept even more interesting.

New Kick-Off Mode Updates

EA Sports improved all kinds of things in their latest FIFA 20 game. The traditional kick-off has shaken things up with the King of the Hill and Mystery Ball features, and players love them.

Mystery Ball is a game mode that awards the person with greater ball possession an option to boost random attributes.

On the other hand, we have King of the Hill which is also a battle for possession of the ball in zone of the field, which determines how much the next goal will be worth. These modes are super fun to play before the initial kick-off.


If you are a fan of FIFA Street than you’ll probably enjoy this mode called Volta which is basically the same thing only with few improvements. There is also a story mode in the single-player Volta mode and it is a very fun way to mix things up.

Now let’s see the negative things

As we are still on the subject of Volta, the story mode feels incomplete and unnecessary. This mode is for having fun with friends not following some single-player story. It feels like a distraction from the game and it is very short with lack of concept.

Dribbling might be overpowered

The new dribbling skill that we see in FIFA 20 it is the ability to strafe dribble. The first couple of games seem fun, but later on, you will find out that chained moves that are easy to execute are almost impossible to defend.

Journey is missing

The ability to create your career from start to finish was incredible in their previous games. However, EA decided not to include the Journey in the new FIFA 20. It was very fun to play with Alex and try to go from an academy player to a world-famous football star playing in a big club.

These are all the things you should know about the new game. Basically, as in any new FIFA, the graphics, physics, and gameplay are incredible. New visuals are refreshing the game and making it even nicer to play. Even if you are more into American football and you rather play Madden NFL, you will still enjoy this soccer.

You will definitely not regret your decision if you buy this game.

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