How to Buy Items In Rocket League

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Rocket League is an arcade-type driving/soccer video game by Psyonix, now owned by Epic. Since its 2015 release, Rocket League has drawn in thousands of players, many of which return daily. For many players, mastering the skills of Rocket League was not easy. Position is everything but most players feel it necessary to be near to ball to score a goal. Of course, your opponents are never far away to attempt an interception.

While position is crucial for scoring goals, aesthetics is just as if not even more important. Hardcore players go all out by personalizing their battle cars to make them stand out. Learn more about buying Rocket League items.

Same Platform Required

Individuals wanting to trade items in Rocket League need to meet the requirements first. For starters, each user has to be using the same platform. Cross-platforming is not possible when it comes to trading items in this game. Someone playing on Steam will be able to trade items with other Steam players.

Alternatively, Switch players can only trade items with other Switch players. Each player will need to enter the party before they can begin trading items. Regardless, it is impossible until the players are using the same platform.

Entering A Party

Once the players are ready to trade items and they’re using the same platform, they will need to enter a party. After the party is formed and members have joined, one player can start the trading process. The other player must accept the offer. Then, the player will have access to the trade window. The screen provides information about the items you can trade and the items your friend has.

The left side shows your items. The right side of the screen shows your partner’s offerings. Once you’ve selected the items you want to trade, click “Accept”. The trade will be completed once the players have selected the items and a 5-second grace period has elapsed.

After you’ve completed the steps, the items will be exchanged and you’ll be able to access the acquired items from your inventory.

Ways To Trade

It is possible to trade items in Rocket League using several methods. For starters, the player has the option of trading items with friends and strangers they encounter in the game. If the players are using the same platform, they can freely exchange items within minutes. Alternatively, players have the option of acquiring items using trading websites.

These sites allow the user to buy Rocket League items before receiving them by following the steps above. It is easy for users to buy items in this game, but they need to make sure that they’re using reputable sites.


Cross-Platforming Trades

As mentioned above, cross-platforming normally isn’t possible. However, it may be possible in certain situations. Cross-platforming trading is possible for certain items. Once the player has entered a party with someone using a different console, they can initiate a trade. Then, they’ll see which items are available to trade.

Typically, it is possible to trade blueprints, golden Eggs, Rocket Pass items, and cars. Not all items can be exchanged with players on other platforms. Thankfully, the game is widely popular so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone with the item you want. Alternatively, the player can also purchase the item.

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