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Chasing Carrots
TopWare Interactive


At the outset of the game the protagonist, , finds that the antagonistic has taken control of the water sources in the area to supply his own spa with water, leaving the kingdom an arid desert. Morgan sets out to battle his way to the Dark Lord's headquarters and return water to the land.


The game can be played both single player and co-operatively, with gameplay consisting of players driving along a linear track towards an end goal. As they do so enemy vehicles will drive onto the track and players must destroy them using the weaponry on their vehicles. Players must also manage their health and "pressure" meters, with health dropping as they take damage from enemies, but pressure continually draining. Pressure can be restored by destroying enemies, and passing checkpoints on the course.

Players can attack by firing either their primary or secondary weapon, can boost to get a jolt of speed without expending pressure, and in co-op mode can share pressure with each other. Tracks are also littered with obstacles, jumps, and currency for players to collect. Besides being collected in the form of coins on the track, players also receive additional money after passing each checkpoint.

At the conclusion of each level players receive ratings for their completion time, coins collected, enemies defeated, and score, and from this are given an overall rating for their performance in the level. Between races players can spent their money on uprgading their vehicles, and regular race play is periodically interrupted by special boss battles.