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NBA Full Court Press
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Microsoft Studios Beam Software
Microsoft Studios

NBA Full Court Press is a simulation-style Basketball game that Features relatively high production values, with play-by-play speech, full NBA license (players and teams) and even NBA players acting as consultants to the title. The game also features coaching options, not letting you control the players directly but allowing you to tell them what to do. As well as these coaching options, the game features team and player editing, allowing you to make your own basketball teams.

The game featured multiple ways of controlling the game, including joystick, mouse and keyboard. The multiplayer allows you to play other players on the same computer, either as teammates or as opponents, or online against people on other computers. In-game engine supports many resolutions, but the graphics are 2D with pre-rendered, low detail players.
The game received average reviews, giving the game credit for features such as allowing the player to create his or her own teams and players and allowing the player to play with other players online or split-screen. On the other side, reviewers criticized the game for unrealistic scoring capability's, poor AI, allowing the other team to cause foul's without any side effects and having blocking graphics even at high end resolutions.