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Madden NFL 2002
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EA Tiburon Budcat Creations 3d6 Games, Inc. GameBrains
Electronic Arts
Madden NFL
Madden NFL

Madden NFL 2002 was relased on numerous platforms and featured Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Daunte Culpepper on the cover. Daunte Culpepper fell foul of the "Madden Curse" as in the following year he was tackled and damaged his knee badly, he has never reached the heights of play that he did in 2001.

Madden NFL 2002 also was the first game to feature the expansion team, The Houston Texans.

Following up Madden 2001's launch with the PS2, 2002 was a launch title on the GameCube and the last Madden developed for the N64 and Game Boy Color.