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So far as Ultimate Team is the most interesting game mode in all modern FIFA games, we want to hand you dive into it.

This regime can be pretty complex for newcomers, so be sure to check the first paragraph of this guide where the basics are listed. Next sections feature ways to get tons of coins through gameplay or transfers. These parts of the article are essential for everybody who wants to grow rich. The next paragraph provides tips on building the squad with the best Chemistry.

The final section is for other valuable hints which can facilitate your games. Let’s start with basic info about FIFA Ultimate Team regime!

Basics of Ultimate Team

This game mode lets you create your own football club with unique players from all over the world. You can play both online and offline through Ultimate Team but the latter option is more competitive and gives more rewards. All players in FUT – FIFA Ultimate Team – are provided with cards similar to Panini ones. However, here all cards have their attributes which even can be different for the same player but with different card editions.

It’s obvious that you cannot get all cool players at once. Cards can be acquired through packs or transfers. You should spend in-game currency or real money in both cases. That’s why ways of enrichment in FUT are the best tips we can offer you. Also, there is another essential feature of any squad. It’s Chemistry. It shows how well your footballers work together. This parameter will be described in details below.

So, what you have to remember:

  1. FUT is about competition between real players and their squads.
  2. Players for squads can be obtained through card packs and transfers.
  3. Power of teams depends on players’ attributes and total Chemistry.
  4. Your goal is to earn more coins to build the best squad.

Further paragraphs provide strategies for enrichment in FUT. Despite there are various ways to earn coins, we will feature only two best ones.

Earning coins with matches

This strategy is for real fans of football. If you only want to play the game and complete various matches then be sure to check these tips. Note also that it offers a little slower enrichment than playing the transfer market.

So, here you should focus on matches, tournaments, various rewards for completed games and specific boosts. Simply playing the game you can earn from 4000 to 8000 coins per hour! There are a few hints and tips on this strategy:

  • Use coin boosts as often as you can. These features can be unlocked through the Catalogue in EAS FC for real currency or coins. A few coin boosts are provided for new levels and achievements. Boosts are good when it comes to fast enrichment.
  • Select Online Leagues mode so fat it’s the best mode for earning coins. There you can do at least 600 coins per win at the lowest leagues. Unlocking higher ranks mean more rewards for each game. Note that a regular match takes about 15 minutes.
  • FUT Draft is wonderful mode as well. It costs 15000 coins to enter this mini-game but you can return this fee and make more money in this regime. Additionally, you will get card packs during Draft games. That is a wonderful start to the next strategy.

Earning coins with transfers

This way can bring you from 10000 coins per hour but normally you will do more and more. Frankly speaking, it’s a grind. It means you will spend a lot of time in FUT without playing football at all. If you are ready, let’s start!

The main strategy here features buying specific packs, participating in Squad Building Challenges and Marquee Matchups, and selling footballers for the best price. Remember the most important rule: never buy gold packs! A lot of gamers love them, so the market is always full of gold cards. It means their price is too low, so you cannot sell cards from gold packs without losses. So, focus on other packs including bronze and silver once.

The next part of this strategy is SBCs. Their type called Marquee Matchups offers wonderful awards including coins, packs, and consumables for completing matches having specific players on your team. Here bronze and silver packs will be essential. Tons of players from them meet various requirements surely, so you can create the squad for every Marquee Matchup. 

Your next step after completing the weekly SBC is to sell cards. It’s obvious that players required for certain Marquee Matchup cost much more than usual. Means you can sell footballers for their twice price or even more! However, it’s better to keep specific players if you are going to complete league SBCs. This type of challenge is more complex so far as you have to collect key players from the certain team or league. Also, this challenge grants better rewards.

All in all, your actions should be like: buy non-gold packs, keep all players for SBCs and Marquee Matchups, finish these challenges, and sell footballers for the highest value when demand exceeds supply.

There are other market strategies. Discover them with our tips:

  • Buy cheap players whose supply exceeds demand. The thing is to find a really valuable player for the cheap price. It can be pretty difficult but it’s possible. We suggest exploring English Premier League and La Liga footballers.
  • Try to play with buy-it-now prices and bids. The first option means you want to find the price which is lower than your future selling price for this player. The second option requires navigating to last pages of the market where you can be the first to place a bid.
  • Sell now! Once you have enough valuable players bought for the cheap price, start selling them. Watch for specific events when footballers can be even more expensive such as Marquee Matchups. But don’t forget about a balance between prices.

Tips on Chemistry

It may be too difficult to understand what Chemistry is as developers even don’t publish exact numbers. You have to know that Chemistry shows how well footballers play together. Total Chemistry consists of each player’s parameter and main team Chemistry. These features can increase attributes of players or decrease them. Obviously, you want higher Chemistry to enhance your squad and increase its results.

Chemistry depends on:

  • Every player has its native position. It’s better to place players in their positions or near them, so total Chemistry will rise.
  • Nearby players increase total Chemistry if they have at least one common feature from the list: league, club, and nationality. Of course, two and more overlaps are better.
  • This feature works similar to the previous one. Overlaps of players’ and manager’s league or nationality boost the main parameter. Clubs don’t matter here.
  • Players with 10 and more matches for your club count as loyal footballers. They increase total Chemistry but for a really low amount.

Don’t overestimate Chemistry as cool players with high attributes but without links are still better than low but linked footballers.

Other helpful tips

Finally, here are a few tips which will surely help you during games in FUT:

  • Complete tutorial and Manager Tasks. These sections offer valuable hints for newcomers, so you will get familiar with Ultimate Team. Also, it can give you extra coins. Win-win!
  • Win offline tournaments. It’s wiser to start with offline games before proceeding to online mode. Coins, packs, and achievements wait for you in tournaments.
  • Use the companion app for devices on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This app allows you to check transfers and SBCs, so you can earn coins away from the console.
  • Pay attention to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. New Marquee Matchups are released every Tuesday evening, so the next day is the best to sell players.
  • Remember about league SBCs. Locate players from top leagues of England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, France and Saudi Arabia.
  • Don’t neglect TOTW cards. Players from TOTW will only rise in price. Buy them between Sunday and Tuesday, keep for 2-3 weeks and sell with 3000-4000 coins profit.
  • Real money can save your time. If you don’t ready for hours on the transfer market, think about investments of real money. But some packs or boosts and have fun!

The last sentence is our wish. Don’t try to earn all coins and don’t turn the game into grinding polygon. Ultimate Team is designed for enjoying it, so what stops you?

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