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Some gamers like to pick up their phones and flick their way through a nice story, or puzzler on their way to work. Others like to slowly build a character through an RPG, completing missions or grinding to earn more in-game currency. Then there’s another breed of gamer who brushes aside the easy and relaxing, instead opting for an experience that leaves them sweating, stressed and on the edge of their seats.


The following games are some of the most intense out there, and certainly aren’t for the faint hearted for a number of reasons. Make sure you’re up to it before trying any of them out!




The next edition of the world’s greatest football games looks exciting, but for many a cold chill will run down their spines as they prepare for an assault on the senses that should be fun, but sometimes really isn’t.

Yes, the ultra-competitive world of FIFA can drive a person to insanity. From the infuriating experience of losing by more than 5 goals to your flatmate and having to write a letter of apology for being so poor, to the Wild West of FUT and online gameplay, even the calmest and most reserved gamers have been known to smash a controller into smithereens when their AI goalie decides to push the ball into their own net.

Even when you get past the nonsense of online trolls and glitches, the level of concentration needed to be any good at FIFA can get pretty intense.


Resident Evil: Biohazard (VR)



If you haven’t experienced virtual reality yet, then where have you been? After the successful Occulus Rift, Sony decided to get in on the action with the PSVR, an affordable headset that can be used with any PlayStation 4.


Easily one of the best VR games currently available, the latest Resident Evil title beats the dozens of ‘experiences’ available on PSVR hands down, with a full, 3D game that allows players to roam through a house filled with monsters and deranged killers.


These games are scary enough on the big screen, but with full 360-degree, 3D visuals, the experience is incredible intense. Being attacked from behind feels very uncomfortable and the sheer level of jump-scare with terrifying creatures suddenly inches from your face is unlike anything you’ll experience on a boring old flat screen.


Playing this alone at home is absolute nightmare-fuel and even the most ardent horror fans will struggle with some of the content. We really don’t recommend Resident Evil if you suffer from any sort of heart problems or scare easily – some serious damage may be caused.


Online poker


Mixing the world of casino gaming with video games, online poker has been around for donkey’s years and for many is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. However, the gameplay is 100% different to anything else on this list, as there’s actually something at stake if you lose.


Texas Hold ‘Em in particular, one of the most popular forms of poker you’ll find online, is designed to be exciting at every hand. Literally anyone who understands the rules stands a chance of winning, but once you get further down the rabbit hole, you’ll start to see that online poker is a deep, intense, and challenging game.


Playing hand after hand requires deep concentration, with other players who are potentially better than you constantly looking for ways to take money from you. You’ll also need to think on your feet and constantly asses the cards you’ve got, making decisions on playing or folding. If you’ve got any sort of money riding on a game, the pressure can really start to build. Just remember to wager what you can afford to lose and practice playing until you’re blue in the face; you’ll soon be enjoying that intensity and making some money!


Call of Duty


The king of the first person shooters, COD has been around longer than we care to remember, but each new edition takes the action-packed gameplay to the next level. The latest title in particular, Call of Duty WWII, takes players right into the hart of brutal combat set during the Second World War.


From the landing on the beaches of Normandy to the intense fighting on Pacific Islands, the next-gen graphics, realistic weapons and epic soundtrack really help players to feel like they’re part of the action. Oh, and explosions going off about 2 inches from your character’s face do the trick as well.


Temple Run


Games don’t need UHD visuals and movie-level budgets to be intense, and Temple Run and its sequel Temple Run 2, are perfect proof that small-screen titles can require just as much patience. Set in an Indiana-Jones style series of jungle temples, players need to escape a pack of demonic monkeys who chase them endlessly through each level.


Naturally, there are a few obstacles on the ‘running track’, and you’ll need to have your wits about you to avoid them. Colliding with a solid object such as a rock or tree will allow the monkeys to catch up with you and falling off the track altogether by taking a wrong turn will leave you crashing through the forest, drowning in water or sizzling in a pool of lava.


The game is great fun, but really infuriating as you get to the higher, fast levels. Intense concentration is needed, and the feeling of being constantly chased down adds a whole new level of pressure. This iOS and now Android classic is great for intense gamers who want to keep the fun going when they’re away from console or PC.


With this great variety of games that are designed to terrify, frustrate, or shock and awe, you can easily ramp up your gaming experience past the ‘boring’ titles that seem to be churned out year after year.


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