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What could be more delightful than scoring a wonderful goal and celebrating it? When it comes to video games, nothing changes. We all still love attack, score goals and taunt our opponents with crazy or beautiful moves. Developers from EA Sports realize it, so they try to add new celebrations in each new game from FIFA 09 when these moves were introduced. FIFA 18 also has several fresh celebrations inspired by moves of real players.

This article is linked to a Google Sheets file which may require an Internet connection. We strongly recommend exploring this file so far is it contains the full list of all available celebrations including new ones from FIFA 18. Exact features will be described below in paragraphs related to certain types of celebrations.

There’s another important note. The article is designed for PS and Xbox players but the list also contains combinations for Nintendo Switch. Controls for PC gamepads are the same as ones for Xbox. However, if you play with a keyboard, you can perform only a few moves. Open Settings from Pause menu during a match and select Celebrations to reveal available moves.

Now let’s describe certain features in details. 

Running moves

This part of your own celebration can be completed right after scoring a goal. These moves are quite simple because you only have to press or hold a single button when the player is running. You also can choose a direction of moving. Running celebrations can be an introduction to finishing parts or they can be full celebrations as well. But it’s always cooler to start with a simple move and finish it pathetically, isn’t it?

Our list contains four separated sheets. One of them includes only running moves with combinations for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Here you can check all available running moves:

Finishing moves

These celebrations are more interesting but also more difficult to perform. You can activate certain move right after scoring a goal or later when you finish running part. All new unique moves of real players are finishers, so it’s better to remember combinations if you want to repeat Dybala’s mask or Griezmann’s cellphone. Also, there are special signature celebrations for every player. Simply press X on PS, A on Xbox or B on Nintendo Switch to do it. 

The full list of finishers can be found through our previous link. You just should switch sheets to open the second one. Otherwise, simply tap on the following link to open the tab you need now:

Oh, don’t worry about dashes there. Missing combinations mean that these celebrations aren’t available for certain console or gamepad. It’s sad but there are a lot of other interesting moves and you will find the one you love surely.  

Pro and EAS FC unlockable moves

Some moves are blocked for players at the start. You have to unlock them by playing Pro Clubs or Player Career. Similarly, you can activate blocked moves from EAS FC Catalogue for your FC credits. Both categories of celebrations feature pretty impressive moves.

Here is the list of Pro unlockable celebrations:

Here is the list of EAS FC unlockable celebrations:

Note also that moves from the last tab require unlocking from EAS FC Catalogue only for PS and Xbox players. Owners of Nintendo Switch don’t have to unlock these celebrations and can activate them for free.

New celebrations in FIFA 18

This game features new original moves and interactions. For example, now your players can celebrate goals together with fans. Old interactions like kicking a corner flag or talking to the camera are available as well. Let’s review several the most iconic moves from FIFA 18:

  • Right Here, Right Now – Cristiano Ronaldo. The only celebration which isn’t available for other players. Yes, it can be performed only by Cristiano. And only this move has an embed audio, so you will hear this powerful roar surely.
  • Cellphone – Antoine Griezmann. The move was originally inspired by Drake’s Hotline Bling. Despite Griezmann performs this celebration alone in the real life, it features also a teammate for the better effect in the game.
  • Mask – Paulo Dybala. Well, millions of fans love this move and now you can repeat it. The celebration is pretty short and minimalistic but it’s also stylish as hell. Show your opponent who is the real superhero!
  • X – Robert Lewandowski. Probably, the simplest celebration but it’s full of dignity. Player just crosses his hands in the form of X. The same move was popularized by Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich.
  • Mannequin – various players. Do you remember the famous Mannequin Challenge? Jamie Vardy repeated it on the pitch, so developers presented it in the game. Perform this cool move and turn your footballers into immobile figures.

All combinations for these celebrations are listed in our Google Sheets file. There are various other moves including classic Pogba’s Elbow or Giroud’s Scorpion.

How to skip celebrations

Celebrations are cool but they can be boring sometimes when you want to continue playing, when the time is running out or when you have to score a few more goals. FIFA games don’t feature specific buttons which allow players to skip celebrations. Despite the following combination isn’t featured in settings, fans discovered that it can instantly skip any celebration. For PS you should press L1 + R1 + X, for Xbox use LB + RB + A.

It happens that the code isn’t working for some players or devices. In this case, you can try to perform a fast return. Order your player to run to the ball directly after scoring a goal. Don’t press any buttons! If everything is right the player will pick up the ball and the game will resume. This action occurs more often when your team is losing or the game is near the end. Note that the player will stupidly run around the ball in case of failure.

The surest way to minimize celebration time is to perform Show Respect. This move takes the least time, so you can resume the game quickly. Check correct combinations for Show Respect celebration on our list.

That’s all for now, celebrate your goals impressively and have fun!

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