Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One (0)

Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One
First release date
Game Boy Genesis Commodore 64 Nintendo Entertainment System PC
Imagineering Inc. Rare, Ltd. Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Milton Bradley Co.


Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One (or sometimes just Jordan vs. Bird) is a 1988 basketball sim featuring two famous NBA players, and , as they attempt to outscore one another on the court. It is based on the older computer game , which featured Dr. J and Larry Bird.

Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One not only offers a one-on-one basketball game with the two featured players, but also allows the player to use Larry Bird in a 3-point shooting contest, and Michael Jordan in a slam dunk contest where the player can choose the type of dunk they wish to perform.

The Genesis version includes an animated cutscene when a slamdunk is performed. It also includes a two player local competitive mode.

Critical Reception

When the Genesis version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores, 6,7,7,7 adding, "...It gets a little boring and a little too easy, but it is pretty fun".