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2MD VR Football
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Truant Pixel, LLC
Truant Pixel, LLC


2MD: VR Football is a room-scale 2 minute drill virtual-reality quarterback simulator. It is positioned as an arcade game rather than a realistic simulation, designed to work with modern VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and utilizes 360 degree tracking and motion controls.


The locker room.

Gameplay consists of two parts: First, players are given the option to design up to 8 plays. Additionally, they have the option of customizing one of 8 fantasy teams, before engaging in a 7 round heat in an attempt to win the championship.

On the field.

On the field, players are able to call audibles to change plays, then throw the ball to open receivers. After the snap, players also have the option of running the ball themselves. Rounds are limited to 2 minutes, and players must score one touchdown to win (however, in later rounds, this requirement is increased to 2 touchdowns).

Additionally, the game features a ring-toss mini-game, which allows players to add to their score. The time limit imposed upon the ring toss mini-game is in part determined by the remaining amount of time left on the clock when the player wins the round.


2MD features 8 teams, each with their own home field. Team colors (primary and secondary) and the audible voice may be customized.

ShirtsTextile Field
SkinsLeather Field
TruantsHometown Stadium
UnicornsKerry Green Field
PixelsRaster Stadium
RocketsApollo Field
AndroidsMecha Dome
PrincessesTiara Stadium


2MD features the voice talents of Xander Mobus


Steam Achievements have a physical presence in the game as trophies, which populate the locker room as they are earned. Trophies are awarded for various milestones, such as completing passes, scoring points, and unlocking teams. Completing the championship unlocks the championship ring, which will be visible on the player's finger from that point on.

The game is single-player, but includes Steam leader-board support.