Navyfield 2 (0)

Navyfield 2
First release date
SD Enternet
Nexon Corporation

In Navy Field 2 players take control of their very own crew and ships ranging from small frigates to massive battleships from WWII then engage in intense large scale battles against real opponents. Almost 100 different vessels are playable with each ship model painstakingly reproduced in detail also with a massive selection of historically accurate equipment to fit to the ships including naval guns, Fire Control Systems, torpedo launchers, engines and armor. The crew also has a RPG leveling system allowing them to increase in skill and abilities the more battles they are involved with. The higher they level the better ships and equipment becomes available to use adding extensive replay value. The way the player choose to progress through Navy Field is up to the player, with special missions available for new players to help them get started plus Clans and fleets are able to be formed so players can work together as a strategic team.