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Madden NFL 96
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Tiertex Design Studios EA Tiburon High Score Productions Halestorm, Inc.
Black Pearl Software Electronic Arts EA Sports
Madden NFL
Madden NFL
Madden 96


Madden NFL 96 is an entry in the EA Sports NFL-licensed annual series endorsed by commentator and covers the 95/96 season of the NFL. It was released on various 16-bit platforms in late 1995 and was the last Madden game to be exclusive to that generation. A Sony PlayStation version of the game was in development but cancelled before completion. would instead be the PlayStation's first Madden game (as well as the Sega Saturn's).

Among its various additions to the Madden NFL template was the inclusion of a "create-a-player" mode, which allowed players to create their own in-game avatars and add them to the teams of their choice. Players also now had the option of "classic teams", which brought back various famous line-ups from different points in the NFL's history between 1960 and 1986 and could be unlocked by winning the Super Bowl as that particular team's 1995 incarnation.