Money cheats for sims 4

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Usual the Sims 4 its not hard to play, but sometimes for someone it can be difficult to survive. For that reason, there are some cheats, which will protect your Sim from death or poverty.

Firstly, unlock the set of cheats by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + C . In this way you will open the hide window, where you can write cheats.

List of cheats :

  1. kachig – will get you 1,000 Simoleons

  2. FreeRealEstate {on/off} -when entered to in neighborhood, all lots are for free.

  3. rosebud - you will get 1,000 Simoleons

  4. motherlode -get 50,000 Simoleons

  5. Money{number}-change funds from household to exact number

  6. Sims.modify_funds+{number} - it will add Simoleons to household

  7. Sims.modify_funds -{number} -subtract Simoleons from household

  8. households.autopay_bills - this one cheat automatically will pay your bills

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