4 things to do in Sims 4

Fortgotten Grotto
Fortgotten Grotto

Playing Sims 4 and feeling that you not using all opportunities here? Feeling that you can do something more? Yes, you are right! Here ist a list of things, which can make your game more interesting and fun.

Forgotten Grotto
In Sims 4 you can find a lot of tricky things. One of them is secret neighbourhoods which is hard to find without additional information. Have you heard about Forgotten Grotto? This is an amazing place which you can find deep inside mountains. Firstly you have to reach Sim into the level 10 in Handiness. For example it can be easy with reading books. After that send yours Sim to Desert Bloom Par. There you will find secret Mine Shaft door, which you can open by your handy Sim. The Forgotten Grotto has a lot glowing crystals, fishing spots and many other fun place – enjoy it!

Mission (im)possible
Have you ever wanted to became a secret agent? Or maybe a sinful agent? It also possible to do it in Sims 4 in very simple way. Firstly, start wih the Agency Cler job, until you become at level 7 in Secret Agent. After that you can choose the transition into a ‘Double Diamond Agent , where you will get a possibilty to become ‘Supreme Villain‘ if you will reach double agent at level 8. ‘Supreme Villain ‘ is the highest level of evel, so good luck for you bad guy!

Sylvan Glade
The second secret neighbourhood which you can visit is Sylvan Glade. It easy to reach, your Sim dont need to have any special skill for that but. Send your Sim to the ‘Crick Cabana‘ in Willow Creek. There you will find a wonderful tree which have to let you to push option ‘View‘ . After that your Sim will start to clim inside in the three. Be ready, because you will discover a beautiful place with blossoming trees, shiny flowers in pink covered area. But not only this – there are also some creepy things, which you will discover near fishing pool.

Cow plant
To discover this unusual plant can only patient and obstinate Sim. To unclock it firstly go to Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs. Since you will be there, start to searsh a mineshaft door, with small pond near. Go directly to pond and try to fish a Cow Plant Berry. After that plant a berry and wait a few days. It will take some time, but because of that you could reach the Cow plant, which looks like from the Plants Vs Zombies series. Be carefull, that plant can swallow you!

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