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There is some hard work you must do in order to survive your first year on Banished. Here are some Banished tips that will help you on your way to survival. What you should concentrate on (and what not to worry about)?

  1. Pause the game and have a proper look-around. You want to know where your most valuable resources are, what the map looks like. Basically pausing a game at first gives you a chance to think about your strategies and tactics.
  2. Fishing dock is one of the easiest ways to get food. Other options are getting a hunter or a gatherer which are also fine.
  3. Woodcutter and forrester are essential in Banished, later on you will want to get a herbalist as well, but not too soon.
  4. Tailor and blacksmith are valuable people. Tools and clothes are important if you want to survive. Tailor will provide your people with clothes which are really important since if your people are cold they are not going to do anything. Besides slowly dying.
  5. Stone houses vs wood houses? Stone houses are way better than wood houses, but the resources required to build a stone house are way to great in the early stages of game.
  6. Population is your key to survival. In order to help the population grow, you need enough houses.
  7. Be aware of the in-game statistics and employment of your people.

These and some more early game Banished tips and advices can be found in the video. 

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