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Banished is a resource management, city-building game. You will have to use your best strategies to help your people and show them the way to thriving survival. The Banished gameplay will show you how playing Banished from the beginning might look like. At first it’s all about planning and managing resources to distribute them in a sensible way that all the needs of your people would be met. And like in most games survival gets easier and more features come into the gameplay once you get a good hold of the basics. Banished gameplay will introduce you to the game.

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posted by Banished gameplay
Thursday, 16 March 2017 05:30

Banished game reminds me those games I played when I was a child. This banished gameplay video is very nice - introduces all new players with banished game and different banished mods. I like the game a lot - it's a calm strategy game which doesn't need you running, shooting and killing all the time. I would say that with a good banished guide it's possible to give this game for children and teenagers - they would not only enjoy but learn from it a lot!

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