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Yet Another RPG
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Yet Another RPG is an episodic Japanese Role-Playing Game developed with RPG Maker VX Ace. Each released episode, which are called "Demos," includes all previously released game content.

The game was inspired by several RPG tropes and often provides commentary on the multitude of common practices in RPGs and other genres.


In Yet Another RPG, the main protagonist Arial finds himself suddenly revoked of his angelhood and was exiled to the Mortal World. He must venture throughout the realm meeting allies to exact revenge on the false Archangel that severed the true connection between the peace-loving Angels and the Creator Himself.


A typical battle featuring Pokémon opponents.

Akin to the first Final Fantasy games, YARPG uses a turn-based battle system for combat. The player takes control of the protagonist Arial to gather party members and take out various enemies. In battle, there are two useful resource gauges to take mind of: Magic Points (MP) and Technique Points (TP). MP is used for extraordinary skills and abilities while TP is gained through battle action only and can unleash high-risk, high-reward effects.

As the player progresses through the plot, they gain access to abilities called Soul Quintessence skills. These unique skills are gained after Arial and his party defeats a boss and siphons one of their abilities to add to the party's own arsenal. These skills are powered by items called Soul Tears, which contain the souls of defeated enemies.

In Demo Episode 3, the player will gain access to a mechanic called Infusion, which allows players to embed their skills or equipment with additional characteristics to enhance them. In order to utilize Infusion, Arial and his party must search for items called Glyphs. There are two different types of glyphs depending on their intended use.

The screen for infusing skills.

Skill Glyphs are used to modify a character's skills and abilities and range from effects like draining MP to restoring a character's health. An important note is that certain skill glyphs can only be used for offensive-oriented abilities and vice versa for defensive-oriented abilities. All skill glyphs inflate the MP cost of the skill by a certain percentage.

Equipment Glyphs are used to enhance armors and weapons with additional characteristics ranging from damage resistance to burning a target foe. Like skill glyphs, equipment glyphs are separated into a two categories: armor and weapon.

All equipment and skills can only contain up to three glyphs at a time.