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Victim Cache: The RPG
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Victim Cache: The RPG is the first game to be released by indie game studio, Victim Cache Games. The story elements and gameplay parody popular Japanese RPGs from the 1980s and 1990s. The story, events, and characters in the game are intentionally archetypal, yet juxtaposed with mature humor, such as drug use, alcoholism, sexual themes, adult language and humor.


The plot revolves around a poor “herb” dealer named, The Hero, who accidentally becomes involved in The Evil King’s plot to rule the Overworld. The Hero must level up, find all the magic gems before The Evil King finds them, and rescue The Princess.


Victim Cache: The RPG is a turn based RPG that mimics many RPGs of the 1980s and 1990s. As common in the genre, The Hero and his party use physical attacks and magic to defeat enemies. After obtaining magic gems, the Hero is able to summon additional controllable characters for help during battle.


The soundtrack of the game was written and performed by the band Victim Cache, whose members are also the developers of the game. The in game music is written in the chiptune tradition of RPGs from the 1980s. Victim Cache composed and recorded the songs on actual game hardware and synthesizers from that time period, such the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and Commodore 64. The band also has live versions of most of the songs, which mixes in acoustic instruments and vocals, which summarizes many of the events in the game.