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The Timeless Battle
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Jarokn Games Healesville Game Studios
Jarokn Games Healesville Game Studios

The Timeless Battle is the 5th video game created by Jarokn Games and the first RPG from the company. It is developed by James-Robert Knight, CEO of Jarokn Games. It is $5 on .

The game is billed as an incremental game where you must destroy an evil lord over multiple generations, with each death increasing the generation count, making 20 years pass and having coins and EXP being passed down the bloodline to be given to the player's next descendant with which they can buy equipment, deal more damage and learn magic.

The aim of the game is to be a speedrun game with grind and randomness, which should be fine for a stream or such.

The game was created in RPG Maker VX Ace over the course of 24 hours, yet was not part of a jam, being more of a personal challenge instead.

The game is the only one retained by Healesville Game Studios after their acquisition of Jarokn Games and has resumed development in preparation for a Steam Direct release.