Wasteland 2 - Getting Past Turrets & 2 Ways To Resolve Conflict

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You want to the prison but the turrets are shredding you apart? No problem. Today we'll describe you of two ways on how to get through the prison turrets unscathed. First, decide if you want to get to the prison and past the turrets in a peaceful or kill-everything way. If you wish to do it peacefully, first go to the farm and kill every single Red Scorpion you might find there. After doing that talk to Jobe. After talking and some convincing he will give you a dog cure. After getting it, go back to the prison and talk (through the intercom) to the Red Scorpion leader. After some speech checks you will end the conflict peacefully, and you'll be able to get into the prison without any problems. If you wish to end this conflict in a violent way, you have to have the “tank thread” item. You can get “tank thread” item in Demonte village from the tinkerer. What you need to do is: get to the little machine to left of the entrance of the broken prison wall, and by using “tank thread”, command it to obliterate non-organic objects a.k.a. the turrets. After the machine’s self-explosion, you'll be able to get into the prison without any problems. Of course, now the Red Scorpions will be hostile to you, so watch your back!


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