South Park: The Stick of Truth Gameplay

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is 2.5D third-person perspective role-playing game with fantasy elements. Player in the game controls the New Kid. At first the player needs to create a character with appearance he likes as well as one of the four class archetypes: the Fighter, Thief, Mage and the Jew. The first three are standard fantasy classes, while the Jew uses "Jew-jitsu" and long range attacks. Different classes get different abilities, which are mostly standard fantasy genre spells like fireball for Mage, however there are some South Park themed ones for example "fart magic". Classes are however not limited on what they can equip. There are many notable characters that you can meet in the game including Cartman, Butters, Stan and others. For example Timmy helps you to travel faster around the city with his taxi service. The player is free to move around the city, however some of the parts are not accessible and can be unlocked by completing levels. The game uses colorful South Park graphics identical to the TV series latest seasons. As it is South Park game it is full of humor that is common in the TV series. The game is a lot of fun as it is top notch quality RPG, and when you add the South Park atmosphere and humor it is a great deal of fun. You can see exactly what I mean by checking out the gameplay video provided below.

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