Legends of Eisenwald Gameplay

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Legends of Eisenwald is a fantasy tactical role-playing game that is set in medieval fictional Germany during Holy Roman Empire times. The game has only a single-player mode. The main character in the game is Baron's Lahnstein's child who returned to his family's island, but is unable to enter the castle. There are two very distinctive gameplay parts. The first one, where players spend most of their time in the game, is global map interactions. There players travel around the map, complete quests, buy equipment and consumables from vendors and manage castles. The second one are the battles themselves. The battle happens between Hero's squad and enemy's squad. At the beginning of the game player needs to select his or her class. There are three options: Knight, Baroness and a Mystic. As is common different classes have different strengths, for example mystic having better ways to deal aoe(are of effect) damage thanks to his spells. Each of the class has three skill trees: combat, feudal and command. Only the combat skills are different for all the classes, command and feudal skills are shared. The game features many common units for fantasy video games, such as spearmen, nobles, healers, witches, monks and others. To see Legends of Eisenwald in action, you can watch the gameplay video provided below.

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