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Stick Ranger is a 2D side scrolling RPG where 4 stickmen walk from left to right defeating enemies in their path. Players begin by assigning one of eight classes to each of their Stickman. Once the team has been chosen, the player advances to the map screen. Throughout the game, the player goes through different stages defeating enemies, collecting weapons and items, leveling up, and advancing through the map. The point of the game is to get to the final stage and defeat the boss. After defeating the current final boss, a screen appears that says "see you next version." Stick Ranger came out to on July 18th, 2008.


Each stickman must be assigned one of these eight classes at the start of the game. After starting, the player cannot change the classes chosen. Each stickman may have a different class or the player may chose to have multiple characters with the same class.

The Boxer is the first class. It has the shortest range but a high attack speed. The Boxer uses Physical, Fire, Thunder, Poison, and Freeze type gloves. The Boxer's stats affect its LP, AT, AGI, and MP gain.

The Gladiator is the second class. It has a slightly higher range than the boxer and every enemy hit by its sword is affected. The Gladiator uses Physical, Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Freeze type swords. The Gladiator's stats affect its LP, AT, and MP gain.

The Sniper is the third class. It has a high range and with most weapons shoots several arrows at once. The Sniper uses Physical, Fire, Thunder, and Poison type bows. The Sniper's stats affect its LP, Range, AT, and MP gain.

The Magician is the fourth class. It also has a high range and is extremely useful for its crowd control effects. The Magician's starter orb is Physical, but the other weapons are Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Freeze type orbs. The Magician's stats affect its LP, Range, AGI, and AT.

The Priest is the fifth class and the first of the classes that weren't out when the game was released. It has a special aura effect that boosts the damage (AT) and defense (DEF) of all stickmen in its range. The Priest uses Physical, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison, and Freeze type staves. The Priest's stats affect its LP, AT Aura, DEF Aura, and Range.

The Gunner is the sixth class. It costs money to use its weapons but this class can deal high amounts of damage. The Gunner uses Physical, Fire, and Thunder guns. The Gunner's stats affect its LP, AT, AGI, and shooting cost.

The Whipper is the seventh class. Its weapons have a higher MP cost but has powerful effects. The Whipper uses Physical, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison, and Freeze whips. The Whipper's stats affect its LP, AT, Bullets, and MP gain.

The Angel is the eighth class. Its weapons also have a high MP cost but can deal out a high amount of damage. The Angel uses Physical, Fire, Ice, and Thunder rings. The Angel's stats affect its LP, AT, Rings, and MP gain.


The game saves every time the player advances from one screen to the next. The text "save OK" appears in the lower right corner to show that the game has been saved. After logging in (by creating an account or using an existing one), a text box with the buttons Get and Set will appear above the game screen. Clicking on the Get button will fill the text box with a series of numbers, letters, periods and stars. This code represents the player's current progress at the time of the last save. A code is unique to a player's account, however the code can be used on any computer. Entering a code in the text box and pressing Set will overwrite the current game with one just entered.