SpellForce III Gameplay

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Spellforce III is a mix between RTS and RPG genres and is set in a fantasy world with various races and creatures. In the game there are 3 playable races: Humans, Orcs and Elves. While those are quite common races for a video game they are quite unique in Spellforce III and have distinguishable traits from one another. For example Elves are agile and prefer ranged attacks, while Orcs are better at using their brute strength in melee combat. There are 6 combat ability trees, which might seem kinda limited, but most of them have two or two tiers tiers and a possibility to develop a character into dual roles, which allows to develop characters into all common RPG classes. The game gives you quite a limited amount of resources, so oyu need to plan carefully on what to spend it on. Central base only guarantees a basic force, therefore you have to expand by establishing outposts to get better resources, andeven then it takes a while as workers are quite limited and you have to wait for them to return the resources to your base until you can give them another order. Campaign can be played in a co-op mode of two players or even a skirmish mode. To see action from the fantasy world of Spellforce III, you can watch the gameplay video provided below.

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