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So far as FTL don’t offer players in-game cheats or console options, the only regular way to modify files is trainers. However, you can also download less safe programs that can edit memory of the game. This guide provides instructions for trainers and third-party software as well as info about saves. Be sure to check the last paragraph where secrets and glitches of FTL are described. It’s the best way to facilitate your game process without cheating.

Let’s start with the most common soft.


You should know such programs for sure. Trainers are side soft that can modify the memory of certain games. Each trainer works only with the appropriate game, so these programs are not universal. Furthermore, trainers are separate programs, so you have to install them and grant access to the game’s memory and files. It sounds quite dangerous but almost all trainers are really safe. However, it will be useful to scan downloaded files with your antivirus.  

Trainers for Faster Than Light are the same as all other programs of this type. You can download them from any game portal but we recommend www.cheathappens.com as it’s the most popular example. After downloading install the program, run it and then open FTL. Each trainer has a text file with description of main features and related buttons. You only have to tap them during the game to activate certain features.

The most common and useful modified features available in trainers are:

  • Unlimited durability of the ship’s hull.
  • Unlimited fuel of the ship.
  • Unlimited oxygen for the crew.
  • Unlimited health of the crew.
  • Instant charging of FTL.

More complex trainers include also ideal shields with instant charging, the option of maximizing the skill of certain persons or entire crew at once, infinite valuables and consumables, e.g. scraps, missiles, and drone parts.

And the last hint about trainers. You can check a number of available features by the name of the program. A number after the + sign is what you are looking for. Let’s say, the trainer with +9 mark allows you to modify 9 game parameters and the program with +3 – only 3.

Mods and third-party soft

If trainers are too simple for you there are more interesting ways to modify the game. Remember once and for all that you have to create backups before editing game files. It’s extremely important to keep your progress and don’t ruin the game.

So, the first option is to download mods. There are several examples but we claim that the most helpful is only one. It disables the pursuit, so you can explore all sectors without problems. Of course, there still will be a lot of enemies and random encounters but you will have a lot of time to deal with them. This mod is located on different sites, however, we recommend using this one: www.nexusmods.com. Also, you can search for it in Steam.

The next option requires downloading Cheat Engine from the official site: www.cheatengine.org. This program will install tons of rubbish soft on your PC, so be ready to clean it after installing. To modify FTL with Cheat Engine follow this instruction:

  1. Open Faster Than Light and start a new game.
  2. Enable Cheat Engine and open the FTLGame.exe.
  3. In the Value box enter a current number of any consumable from the game. For example, if you have 20 missiles, enter 20 to be able to modify missiles number after.
  4. Click First Scan.
  5. Change this number in the game – fire a few missiles to lower it or buy new ones.
  6. Enter a new number in the Value box.
  7. Click Next Scan.
  8. Repeat these steps until you have 2 different lines on the left.
  9. Change the first line and check the game.
  10. If a number of missiles changed double-click this line.
  11. If a number didn’t change double click another line.
  12. Now you can rename the line at the bottom to know what parameter it affects. This line can be edited anytime to change a number of related consumables in the game.

You can add as much as you want lines for different parameters but don’t forget to scan files several times. And always create backups!

Well, there is another way to facilitate your playthrough. We talk about saves. There are tons of different files that you can download and replace your own saves. FTL features only one auto-save which is automatically deleted after the destruction of the ship. So, you can download a file from another player to instantly jump to the last sector or unlock all ships. Check such saves with your antivirus always!

Secrets and exploits

There are a few ways to trick the game without using third-party soft.

  • Infinite experience for the crew.

You can encounter different enemies during your adventures in the space. Some ships are too week to damage your shields or hull. It means that you can stay in the battle infinitely without getting damage but with extra experience for the crew. Yes, your squad gain XP points each moment when they are in battle! Sounds cool, yeah?

Remember about certain tricks. Try to attack engines to prevent enemy’s escape. It’s better to have a very weak gun which cannot damage an enemy, also. In this case, you can gain additional experience for the crew but cannot destroy the ship, so this battle will be endless. Additionally, try to cycle shields and cloaking systems to earn even more XP.

  • Avoiding shield damage.

When it comes to ion guns your shields can fall extremely quickly. We suggest deactivating them at the moment of attack, so ion weapons will not damage them. Of course, your other systems will take some damage but hull and rooms are much more protected from ion attacks than shields. To perform this trick correctly you should train your timing skill.

  • Keeping saves forever.

The last hint relates to game files and saves again. You know that there are only one save in FTL. But you can locate it in the game’s folder. Look for continue.sav, copy it, paste anywhere and remember this place. Understand? Now you have a save that cannot be deleted by the game. Thus, after destroying the ship simply find this file and return it in the game’s folder! Now you can continue your previous playthrough even after losing.

All in all, we stand for fair play. FTL is roguelike, so various tricks only make the game less interesting and entertaining. However, it’s up to you which cheats and secrets to use, if any.

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