Purgatory: Echoes From the Void (0)

Purgatory: Echoes From the Void

Purgatory is a story driven adventure RPG with puzzle solving, taking inspiration from earlier games like Myst. Combining classic complex puzzles with an RPG system allows for multiple approaches to situations.

The game is set in a series of interconnected realms, occupied by a unique cast of characters. These characters will feature heavily in an intricate story, through which the player will be faced with ethical and philosophical dilemmas and eventually learn the true nature of their surroundings. Purgatory's story will be compelling and lengthy, involving multiple endings and branching questlines, the conclusions of which are subject to the player's own choices,

The games does away with traditional fail states, and the player will never be faced with a traditional death or restart, instead the environment, characters and story will evolve dynamically to accommodate the player's choices.